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Meet and greet day, Hello Goodbye day 12


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Today i have to say goodbye for Arya and Sara, but at the same day Nha (a friend from Berlin who used to work in Ruang Mes 56) come to meet me for small inerview before she leave to Berlin at the evening, Nha and her friend Philip (they are both stay in Gerard Holthuis’ place) they come to Holland for International Film Festival Rotterdam.

we go to Sara’s place, between Nha, Sara and Arya they met in Yogya at past time, now they will see each other to say hello and goodbye

they clean up the house, and ready to go to Indonesia

now we are in Gerard’s house

no, not this, it is Thai restaurant, called Pink Elephant (i don’tknow where is it but nearby Gerard’s house)

Gerard mentraktir us for dinner in his house

one of the Pink Elephant’s Chef

on the way back to Gerard’s place

dinner time, i ate nasi goreng

Nha would go back to Berlin, buy bus

take care nha 🙂