Wimo Ambala Bayang

Have FUN ! Boys and Girls :D day 14



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Mmm it was shinny day, hey look, it’s look like a face (lego), isn’it ?

Mees (son of Ellen and Maarten) made a presentation about Indonesia in his school, and he’d like me to come and gave a presentation to his class about my work and also doing some interactive works with the students, so it was a lot of fun 😀

So, Maarten toke me to a shop which is i can find plastic fangs that i used to in my previous intercative project 🙂

It was great to come to this such a shop like this hehehee 🙂

Mees in his presentation about Indonesia, he told us about a lot of things, also about his experiences when he and Teide (his brother) were in Indonesia.

It was pitty because my external hardisk can’t be read in their computer, so we had visit Cemeti Art House website to see my recent works

Met Kees Koomen, his child also study in the same school like Mees and Teide 🙂

Yes, we don’t have to be shy, because it is FUN,
yes FUN 😀 hehee