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Rotterdam for the first time, International Fim Festival :D day 16


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Mbak Melati played with her photo booth wearing my Batman mask for her Facebook photo profile 🙂 She stayed in my studio for two days after her lecture in Nijmegen, and we planned to go to International Film Festival Rotterdam 😀

We went to Rotterdam to watch some film, it was the last day of the festival.

It was easy to find the festival venues, they put many sign that led us to

We were late for Edwin’s film (Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly)

New Logo

It was nice, i felt like a whole city celebtrates the festival 😀

Blind Pigs Who Wants to Fly’s trailers, I am proud beacuse i know him, he is one of my friend 🙂

We went to Cinerama for ‘Dada’s Dance’ and ‘Kantata Takwa’

We didnt have tickets for Dada’s Dance, but they said just try to wait untill 30 minutes before the show, if you are lucky, yes we were lucky 😀

We watched ‘Dada’s Dance’ by Zhang Yuan before ‘Kantata Takwa’ by Gotot Prakosa/ Eros Djarot

People on the line for ‘the Chaser’

Another film Festival in an art gallery, hehee 😀

‘Untitled Film Still #1’ hehee 🙂

Met Indonesian guys on train, actually i saw them in the cinema we watched same movies ‘Kantata Takwa’, their name are Julius (left) and Firman (right) they are living in Delft, they are from Bandung.

‘Untitled Fim Still #2’ hehee 🙂