Wimo Ambala Bayang

You See Half You Get Half, You Seek More You Get All

Digital print on kodak paper mounted on aluminum
33 x 50 cm

Bayang began to fill the artistic works of the photographic art form that goes beyond the brick creation of images and reproduce reality. The images document an object to imply uncertainty in challenging the notion of meaning for the viewer.
A series of stone encourages dialogue about the relationship between objects and meaning. Subjects are presented as some stones that looked like the heads were having conversation. Bayang marking dots Braille code white on the surface of the stones to express blackface.
Born in Magelang, so close to Mount Merapi which periodically shook and material spewing sand and lava, Bayang has memory of natural disturbances caused rock routinely expel residents to places of refuge.
Images of large stones embedded in lava flow and give ideas implemented into installation works made of stone. Inspiration translated as projects of photography and art objects that have been the career field.