Wimo Ambala Bayang

Adzan video at The Vallensbaek Station

Hack#3 Documentation Hacking Project at Vallensbaek Station, Copenhagen 2016

Adzan is a call for praying time for Moslems that should be done five times a day. In Indonesia where majority are moslem, most of public tv stations or radio they have an obligation to announce the time for pray or to show Adzan program especially for the Maghrib (evening) time. All other tv programs will be replaced by the Adzan video. The video itself mostly depict the Indonesian nature landscape, mosques and showing moslems preparing to go for pray. In Hack #3 program my project was bringing this daily Indonesian experience to Vallensbaek station, where more multicultural area, there are many migrants and moslem live in Vallensbaek area. By replace existing video (which was Aridina’s video work is showing) five times a day where the exact time for praying, the Adzan video will be appear on top of the existing video. Instead of using regular Arabian tone, the Adzan that i use in this video is Javanese twisted tone, hopefully moslem that pass the station will have familiar feeling yet new experience in such a space, above all it is still a reminder to pray the Moslems.