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Ypenburg with Michiel Morel


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On the way to Ypenburg..

We passed an area that is very multicultural:)

Houses which are shown their personal stuff, this thing is very nice, it is like ice breaking for the boring architectural pattern in this area, this project was organised by Heden kunst van nu

Old Ypenburg Airport

There is an artist who has studio in Ypenburg, He makes kinetic sculptures from a cable pipes, his name is Theo Jansen

He makes giant animals that can move powered by the wind

Theo’s friend

Theo showed me how the sculpture walks

This is Theo Jansen

This is one of his works

Theo showed us how it works

and check it, and make it sure that the feet are always be on the line

This is Heden’s residency house in Ypenburg

Back to the Hague, and Michiel dropped me here, somewhere at the Hague (always forget streets name 🙂

Somewhere at Grote Markt

Meet Michiel again, and we had dinner together, I ate chicken noodle:D but then I missed The BUZZCOCK concert at Paard that night:'(