Wimo Ambala Bayang

Went to Delft with Tony


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The weather was very bad, and something was happened in the canal, there are ambulances and policemen, and there was a diver just came up from the water, i didn’t have any idea what was happened…

and we still went to Delft, visited Nusantara Museum, but it was closed, it was the first day of renovation, and i just saw the museum shop, and the shop was not good I think, sorry 🙁

So we visited (I forgot its name) and it used to be WillemVan Orange’s house (next to Nusantara Museum, they are in same area)

Old Church

See how the weather was..

It must be warmer inside 🙂

reflection of Delft house’s facade

New Church

As a Catholic It was sad for me, but I don’t know exactly what happened here at the past time 🙁

I asked to the guard, and she said “Yes, there are a lot of people still come to this chuch on Sunday”

Back to the Hague, and visited Tony’s house, there is Arya’s work there 🙂

A view from Tony’s house