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Visiting Floris and Ineke day 18


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This day i met Floris Schonfeld on the way back to DCR, and he invited me to come to his studio at 3rd floor to have some cofee 🙂

He just got Balinese and Sundanese music

He showed me his three short films on his computer

Then gave me dvd of his short films project

He told me about his opera project, which related with Klingon. Oya Floris has Klingon dictionary :D, and he made these Klingon heads 😀


Kaplaaa! (*succsess-Klingon)

I showed him my Video Battle project:) . Nice to meeting you Floris 🙂

I saw Ineke Van Der Wal’s door was opened then i came in, “Hi Ineke!”

She just want to leave at that moment

It’s nice to see you Ineke, can i borrow your ‘the Good the Bad and the Queen’? “yes sure, anything!” She said 😀