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Visiting De Maria’s studio and Toko Toet


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I went to de Maria’s studio

Roos did some finishing touch for the cap lamp

Roos took me to Indonesian food, Toko Toet, actually Gerard, Sara, and Arya already told me about this place, it is nearby Roos’ studio

Nice Indonesian Ibu 🙂

Imagining Jogja Ice Tea 🙁

Roos ate Tahu Telor, I ate Sate Ayam and Lontong (nyamnyamnyam:)

A lot of old people there 🙂

There were an old couple, Oma and Opa 🙂
The Opa looked happy, and loves Oma..

But Oma couldn’t walk well

So, I helped Opa opened the door, but view second after I closed and took picture the door, Oma fell, then I helped Opa and Oma to get up immediately (sorry no picture it was a bad time:)

Roos Helped Opa took Oma to the car