Wimo Ambala Bayang

An Invitation to Put Yourself in My Shoes

In these photographs, I use the technique of montage by placing the image of a white horse with pink painted hair I photographed in Mount Bromo over found colonial photographs and different landscapes I took in Indonesia and Romania. By removing the actual context of the photographs and situating the horse as the protagonist, my intention is to create a series of fragmented and non-linear narratives that allow the viewer to make different connections through their own experiences and subjectivities.

Departing from the Javanese philosophy of nerimo (acceptance) understood as an active blend of cognitive and affective elements of accepting life’s unexpected paths, I am interested in bringing the viewer into a state of presence and acceptance of the encounter with the photographs as they are, stripped from any prefabricated meaning. I use this approach to evoke an emotional connection with the viewer, triggered by the fictional situations the protagonist is facing (and accepting).

Along with these photos, I also present painting and animation. My intention is to interrogate the nature of each medium and the potential tension that arises when we are dealing with images produced by photography.