Wimo Ambala Bayang

Artistic tour met Urs (from out till inside building:)


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Inside of Celestial Vault-Kijkduin by James Turrell

After James Turrell, Urs took me somewhere outside the Hague to see another works of art

Found object

Urs Pfannenmuller’s work

On the way to Tilburg

Graffiti in Tilburg

De Pont

‘Autoportrait Contre Nature’ by Michel Francois

‘Cyclist’ by Jeff Wall

‘Gutter Splash Two Corner Case’ by Richard Serra

‘Les Bougies’ by Christian Boltanski

‘H.H’ by Thierry De Cordier

‘Slang’ by Marien Schouten

Untitled work by Charlotte Dumas

‘Slow Glass’ by Naoya Hatakeyama

‘Pavillion’ by Dan Graham

‘Steel Woman’ by Thomas Schutte

‘Carbon Semaphore’ by Lothar Baumgarten

‘Grober Respekt’ by Thomas Schutte

Macroworld: One Hours3 and Canned by Angela Bulloch

Interieur No.15 by Anton Henning

Some area/space were closed for new exhibition

’48 Portraits’ by Gerard richter

Works of Rosemarie Trockel

‘La Paloma’ by Craigie Horsfield

‘Crowhurst II’ by Tacita Dean

Photo works (Spaghetti, Blancing Act, Dog ears) of Job Koelewijn

‘Bonnet’ by Job Koelewijn

‘Wedgework III’ by James Turrell

There was an exhibition works of Luuk Wilmering in projectzaal

‘Thousands Names’ by Anish Kapoor