Wimo Ambala Bayang

1st day display at Heden and walk with Urs Pfannenmuller :D day 19


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Maarten’s work

These works were made in Jogja when we were together in Landing Soon#7 programe

My works

Maarten Schepers and his work

Coffee time:)

Urs Pfannenmuller came

Michiel also came

We say goodbye to Michiel, and Urs would take me to some places (artistic tous:))

Urs take me to some exhibition in the Hague

I forgot whose name of this painter statue

He made this panorama painting

I was not allowed to take picture in this panorama museum, but.. ya sometimes we have to be little bit rebel :p

There is Indonesian restaurant in front of the panorama museum.

Then we went to Royal Art Academy

There were some exhibition from its student.

Urs told me about painting class that he used to teach

Urs Pfannenmuller

I met Lucy Yaprak, she is exchange student from Turkey

She made this Carrot mask 😀 It is so funny, isn’ it?

On the way back to Ur’s place

Urs showed me his place 🙂